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We want each and every Member inquiry for interactive dining experiences, to always be given the proper attention it deserves and ask that you help us achieve this by sending your reservation requests at least 72 hours in advance. Reservations are not needed when visiting the lounge for drinks and appetizers.

As we are closed on Monday and Tuesday, reservations received during those days will be responded to on Wednesday.

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*A $50 Flat Kitchen Fee is applied to any kitchen access and here's why: Our chefs will allocate a lot of time and effort prior to your arrival to help you create a fantastic customized menu. It entails designing the menu, researching and scaling recipes, sourcing ingredients, purchasing, receiving, inspecting and often times even deboning, descaling, brining, aging, air drying--even all-day braising! This fee applies to Full Members only.

*Grocery & Food Prepping: Upon request, our chefs also offer a variety of prep services. From chopping to measuring, creating fresh pasta to pizza dough--our team is here to make your time in the kitchen a stress-free and memorable experience.

*Dining and/or Interactive Kitchen Experiences must be made or cancel at least 72 hours in advance. Cancellation fees may apply.

*Additional Guests: Any additional guest(s) over the stated amount above will be subject to availability and will incur an additional $25/person fee.

For any additional information, please feel free to email our General Manager, marsha@kcnapa.com